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Welcome to Camp Quest West 2020 registration. We have several session options to choose from this year:

  • NorCal Session 1: June 28 - July 4 in Nevada City (2 hours outside of Sacramento)
  • NorCal Session 2: July 5 - July 11 in Nevada City (2 hours outside of Sacramento)
  • NorCal Double Session: June 28 - July 11 in Nevada City
  • Socal Session: July 19-25 in Wrightwood (1 hour outside Los Angeles)

This registration has three parts. This is part 1.

  1. Family Contact Info
  2. Add Campers and Select Sessions
  3. Payment

Please do not use your browser's back button during this process. Instead, use the "GoBack" button provided at the bottom of each page.

If you have questions, contact our registrar, or call them at (510) 679-2267.

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Session Availability

All sessions are co-ed with bunk availability being determined by cabin. Cabins are assigned based on age and gender selection. You can select a gender-segregated cabin (girls only or boys only) or you can select the gender-inclusive cabin. This option was created to better serve children who identify with neither gender and is also available to parents and children who simply wish to break down gender stereotypes.

Our Leadership Track (LT) program for teenagers is available to campers of ages 14+ and entering grades 10+. These teenage leaders will bunk in cabins of younger campers with the same gender selection (segregated or inclusive). Unless requested, all teens over 14 and entering grades 10+ will be automatically enrolled in leadership program

If the program you wish to enroll in is full, your child will be waitlisted. As space becomes available, children will be enrolled from the waitlist in the order received.

NorCal Double: June 28 - July 11, Nevada City$1438.00 - $1638.00
Youth bunks: Girls: 1, Boys: 5, Gender inclusive: 2
LT bunks: Girls: 2, Boys: 2, Gender inclusive: 1
NorCal Week1: June 28 - July 4, Nevada City$669.00 - $769.00
Youth bunks: Girls: 18, Boys: 11, Gender inclusive: 6
LT bunks: Girls: 0, Boys: 3, Gender inclusive: 0
NorCal Week2: July 5-11, Nevada City$669.00 - $769.00
Youth bunks: Girls: 5, Boys: 12, Gender inclusive: 8
LT bunks: Girls: 3, Boys: 0, Gender inclusive: 1
SoCal: July 19-25, Wrightwood$669.00 - $769.00
Youth bunks: Girls: 13, Boys: 17, Gender inclusive: 3
LT bunks: Girls: 3, Boys: 5, Gender inclusive: 1

Financial Aid Availability

Financial aid subsidies are granted on a sliding scale based on income, on a first come, first served basis, as long as funds remain. When requests exceed the budgeted allotment, we will start waitlisting financial aid requests.
Note: Currently, financial aid for 2020 is available.
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Family Contact Information

*If you use your cell phone as your home phone, just list that number in both places

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Marketing feedback

We're running a referral program, if someone referred you, be sure to name them so you both can receive a referral reward

How did you find out about Camp Quest?
Name of person who referred you
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Additional Custodial Parents/Guardians

Are there additional custodial parents or guardians who could be contacted in case of emergency? Please list their name and contact information - including cell and business phone if applicable. Please include their address if different from the one listed above. In case you are registering children with different custodial parents - please make a note of it.

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Emergency Contacts

In case of medical emergency, if you or another custodial parent cannot be reached, who would you like us to contact? Please list name, phone number and relationship to camper

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Who should be allowed to pick up your child(ren) at the end of camp? This does not need to be a definitive list. As it gets closer to camp, you can always call us and let us know if a family friend will do the pick-up, but we'd like a list of adults most likely to be called on for pick up duty. We also need to know if there is a non-custodial parent who should not be allowed to pick up (by court order).

Please list all adults with pick-up privleges
Check here if there is a non-custodial parent
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Financial Aid Considerations

If you wish to apply for financial aid, check this box and our workflow will have you fill out the application next

Do you wish to apply for financial aid?
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Family Insurance Information

Are all of campers you're registering covered under the same insurance policy?
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