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In 2020, we're planning three camp sessions. Two sessions are in NorCal (Nevada City - 2 hours outside Sacramento) and one session is in SoCal (Wrightwood - about an hour outside Los Angeles). We actually have the same number of campers in both geographies, but the NorCal site is smaller while the SoCal site still has room for growth. In addition to telling us about yourself, let us know which session(s) you'd like to volunteer for. All positions are volunteer positions.

  • NorCal - Session1: June 27 - July 4 (Nevada City)
  • NorCal - Session2: July 4 - 11 (Nevada City)
  • SoCal: July 18 - 25 (Wrightwood)

Please note that the dates above look different from what's on the website because staff come one day before campers. (If you're a parent whose children will be at camp, your children can come early with you.)

As a camp staffer, you will be responsible for supporting our standardized program, developed during the winter. You will be required to attend one in person training session, complete 6-8 hours of online training videos and quizzes, pass California state mandated fingerprinting (LiveScan), read our staff manual, and become Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified (sponsored or paid for by us). It may sound like a lot, but you have months to get ready, and we'll help every step of the way.

These questions are designed to help us get to know you better and meet California child-safety regulations. To make this easier, we've broken the application process into 3 pages:

  1. Contact and Basic Info
  2. Experience and Health
  3. References and Security Questions

Please note: You WILL be required to list three references and their contact info, so you should gather that information before you begin.

Questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteering@campquestwest.org or call us at (510) 679-CAMP (2267)

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Contact Information

Your Name
Street Address
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Birthdate (Ex:11/30/2001)
1/18/2020 ]
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Ethnicity - for reporting purposes

This data is not used for staff selection - but kept as for diversity measurements for grant writing. Please check any that apply:

Prefer not to state
Non-Hispanic White or Euro-American
Black, Afro-Caribbean, or African American
Latino or Hispanic American
East Asian or Asian American
South Asian or Indian American
Middle Eastern or Arab American
Native American
If other, please describe:
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Meals and Camp Shirt

What are your meal needs
T-shirt size
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Availability and Interest

Why do you want to volunteer with Camp Quest West?
Which session(s) are you interested in attending?

What is your preferred age of kids to work with?
Select any camp roles that interest you. Cabin staff have primary responsibility for a set of campers. Program staff have responsibility for running science/critical thinking activities. LT staff supervise teen campers in our Leadership Track program. Quartermaster manages supplies at camp. To act as health supervisor, you must be RN, LVN or MD. To act as head archery instructor or aquatics director, you must have recent experience in archery or aquatics.

Yes. Photos or videos from camp that include my image can be used by Camp Quest West or our trademark holder, Camp Quest, Inc in their future marketing materials
Yes. I understand that my contact information might be shared with the national Camp Quest organization.
We run two in-person trainings in the spring. What training location do you prefer?
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Special Questions for Parents

We welcome parent involvement in camp, especially the maturity and safety-consciousness they can bring. However, wearing the dual hats of staffer and parent is not for everyone. Parents who come as staffers must understand that this is not a family camp and fostering independence is a goal. They will be assigned to a different cabin from their child and expected to be vigilant for the well-being of all of the children at camp, rather than focused specifically on their child.

If you have children, what are their ages?
If you are a parent, will any of your children be campers at camp?
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For our records

We are running a referral program. If someone referred you, be sure to put their name down so you both can receive a referral reward

How did you hear about us?
Name of the person who referred you
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